Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May Day!

Talia modeling her newest sleeper!

Vinny loves to be around his baby sister!


Anonymous said...

I think you DID fix it!!! Yay, Carolyn....blogger extraordinaire!! The kids are so darn cute, it will be wonderful to watch them as they grow......Sally

vertinjr said...

Hey, Carolyn....good job.....now I can check on all of you......The baby is a doll and Vinny is so handsome...had his Elvis photo in the Duluth News Tribune.....popular fella!!


bat act said...

Thanks for sharing your blog address Carolyn. We can't wait to meet Talia!

Anonymous said...


I want that baby girl, I am willing to trade in the 15 year old I have for Talia. PLEASE,, Just kidding, I love my boys. She is so cute and Vinny is going to be a heartbreaker. Keep up the blog. I love it.