Sunday, March 28, 2010

Princess Talia's Royal Birthday Party!

Saturday was a royal celebration at the Laurienzo Palace! We celebrated Princess Talia's third birthday!

Her Royal Highness in her ball gown

If you look closely she even wore glass slippers!

Princess Talia and her Grandpa Bob.

Princess Ellie, Princess Talia, Princess Alissa, and ..... Prince Vinny?

Talia and her Grandma Tina!

Princess Gianna came dressed in her royal attire! We miss Princess CC... but she was in Arizona!

Ellie and GG

Some of the party guests...

Someday my prince will come!

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

This is George, one of Talia's party guests...

Cousin Ellie

Princess Talia and Princess Maria.... cute.

Talia and her Grandma Kirschner

Jo Anne brought a parachute for the kids to play with and it was a big hit!

Lyla Knapp munching on a strawberry

Time for the royal gifts to be presented.

GG is a little helper

A hug for Talia's brother

Time to sing Happy Birthday to Talia

Ok...I liked that song so much, you can sing it again... and so we did...

One more time, from the top...... Happy Birthday to you...

This was the best Princess birthday EVER!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tah Dah!

Tah Dah! Talia's big girl bedroom is finally complete! Talia was so happy to show off her new bedroom below. We had no problems transitioning Talia to a big bed because she was so excited to be a grown up! Mommy wasn't so excited to see her baby be a big girl, but she is getting used to it.

A big thank you to one of my best friends, my cousin, my designer (all in one package) JoAnne Vertin-Franklin. JoAnne always does such a great job! We couldn't do it without you Jo and of course you know that! Another thank you to Jo's husband Bob, for coming over to help us hang the big mirror and some blinds... and to sweet GG for coming with her Mommy and keeping Talia busy while Jo and I (and Brian) worked on the bedroom!

Through all of this there was one person who felt a little left out. Vinny. He asked JoAnne on Sunday " when are you going to do something special for my room"? Ummmm, hey kid, Mom did something special for you two years ago....

Tah Dah! It's pink and pretty and fit for a princess!

Talia loves the vanity with the fancy chandelier!