Monday, March 30, 2009

Talia's 2nd Birthday!

Daddy brought Talia that cute shirt from one of his business trips.

This is a picture of Talia when she had the flu. She had it for SIX days..but, she is all better now!

If you look closely, Vinny is imitating his Dad. He has a bluetooth on his ear!

Talia gets a special package in the mail for her birthday! How fun is that?

Daddy reads Talia her new book.

An early morning birthday dance.

The two Grandpa's

Little people at little tables.

Ellie give us a smile!

GG likes the balloons

Alissa and Vinny

Maria, Ellie and Talia having some playtime

Time for presents!

Talia had more fun balancing on top of the box, than she did opening it!

A little help from her cousins..

Talia got tired of wearing her pink tights.

Loving the new stroller

Fancy trike..too bad it's too cold to ride outside!

Beep beep!

I don't know if I even want to tell you about the cake disaster. This is the cake thatreplaced the one I made. :-( Sally, I will be calling you later!

Mmmm. Mmmm. Good.

One piece of cake and some ice cream was not enough. Talia had to beg Grandma for more. Ok...she didn't have to beg too hard.

Photo Stylings of Vinny Laurienzo

Vinny inherited his Mom and Dad's old camera and immediately went to work photographing people and objects from a "Vinny" perspective. This is his first public showing.

The inner Vin

Birthday Girl

Gummy Bear

Tight Fit

Inside the box


Aaaahhhh Choo