Monday, June 16, 2008

Talia's 1st Swim Class

Mommy took Talia to her very first swim class on Monday evening. She did a great job and even got "dunked" a couple of times. Daddy and Vinny watched and cheered from the sidelines. Oh - Amanda, if you look closely at the 5th picture down, you will notice your friend McKenzie and her little boy, Harrison! They are in our swim class!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ellie's Birthday

We celebrated Ellie's 3rd birthday on Saturday, June 7th at Cleary Lake. The kids had a blast swimming and playing...... a great time for everyone! Happy Birthday Ellie!

Let the hail fall down.....and break my roof.......

On June 1st we had a hail storm roll through Eagan. Some of the hail was the size of a quarter. These pictures show what was left in the aftermath. We would personally like to thank the hundreds and hundreds of roofing contractors for their relentless pursuit of business in our neighborhood. Without you, no one would need "no soliciting" signs.

The flowers took a beating. They were just planted six days before the storm. Oh well, hail or no hail, they didn't stand a chance. I don't have a very green thumb.

Talia Bonifas?

Today our friends Kim and John stopped by with their gorgeous little grandson, Sam Bonifas, who just happens to be about the same age as Talia! They played very nicely together and we are looking forward to several more play dates in the future. Maybe someday they can even have a real DATE!

The only bummer is my lame camera. Every picture turned out blurry. I know, I know....user error.