Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Skubic Picnic and Como Park

On Memorial Day weekend we took the kids for a quick trip to Como Zoo. This year Talia was old enough to try out some rides and she was actually more interested in going on them than her brother was! Following those pictures, the rest are all from the Skubic Picnic/Get Together in Elk River. We had so much FUN! The Skubic's were excellent hosts.... great food, good times! We can't wait to do it again. Too bad my camera battery crapped out on me too early. Anyhow, enjoy the pics....

Teacups with Daddy!

Talia loved Alladin's Magic Carpet. Vinny, not so much.

Vinny's favorite ride is still the Fire Brigade, which Mommy had to go on with him. It was fun, but you do get sort of wet!

Although CC went in the water before we got there, Talia was the first one to start things off once we arrived. She didn't even wait for her swim suit! It wasn't that warm out either. Kids don't care!

CC and GG play with the Teapot and bubble blowers.

CC warms up after a quick dip. Thanks for letting all your cousins play in your pool CC!

Bob relaxing poolside.

Brian having a cold one.

Vinny trying out his new water sling shot!

CC enjoying a snack while the others swim.

GG hangs inside with the ladies for a while...

Skubic showing off his well manicured lawn.

Erin is thinking about eating more cheese dip.

GG and her Mommy

GG has some fun playing by the water

Vinny entertains GG while TT entertains herself.

Celia takes a break from the action and rests with her Daddy.

Erin, JoAnne, Carolyn, enjoying the great outdoors in Canada (otherwise known as Elk River).

A view from the deck.

Jeff Skubic: Grill Master. Look at those Kabobs! The food was great! Although I don't have a picture of Erin's ice cream dessert. Talia will demonstrate it's deliciousness on Jo Anne's blog.

Vinny and CC enjoy their dinner together.

Our little TT had so much fun in the pool she took it upon herself to go back in on her own! Thankfully Bob saw her jump in and Brian went and scooped her back out.

Vinny thinks Jeff is pretty cool for having TWO lawn mowers and the riding one is so FANCY!

Talia just loved CC's little playhouse. She couldn't get enough of it. She made us all some "soup" in the kitchen. And this is about where my battery gave out. So sorry. Check the Vertin-Franklin and Skubic blogs for more pics. Thanks for the good time guys. Next gathering is at the Laurienzo's... e-mail to follow!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bob's 70th Birthday Bash!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 was Bob's 70th birthday and he was able to celebrate with friends and family at Tom Reids Hockey City Pub!
Yes, I do know the picture is sideways and I am just lazy enough not to fix it.

Don't do it......don't do it...

Ohhhh! She did it.