Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Thriller 2008

Halloween 2008 was the best one yet! Where do we start? The weekend before Halloween we went shopping for some really good pumpkins to carve. We had lots of fun picking them out.

Talia carefully selects the perfect sized pumpkin for her!

Whoa... a sea of pumpkins..........

How do you know which one to choose? They are all so

Talia skipped the carvings this year and left that all up to her skilled big brother!

Here Vinny proudly displays his hard work!

A second shot ...... for good measure. all that carving deserves some attention.

While Mom and Dad were distracted while helping Vinny carve pumpkins, Talia snuck into the pantry and grabbed her favorite snack and planted herself in front of the television. Like Father, like daughter. Oh, and pants are highly overrated.

Police Officer Vinny reporting for Duty! It's sort of an Oxymoron isn't it?

Hans Solo, Hans Solo, wherefore art thou.........

Here they are together. Talia did not like her Princess Leia wig at all, so we had to put another hat underneath it in order for her to keep it on. It's the best we could do. Talia also was not into trick or treating. She loved riding along in her wagon, but didn't want to be bothered to get out and beg for candy. Now, Vinny on the hand, joined about 10 other neighborhood kids. We went to many, many houses.....and he hung in there... Then after the trick or treating was over, Vinny was invited to our neighbors house next door for a halloween dance party! Yep, it was coed...ha ha.. lots of girls and few boys...there was pop, and candy, Hannah Montana songs... and he partied until 9:30! Woo wooo! Ahh, my little boy is growing up. :-(

This is the lamest holiday ever.

Are we done yet? Happy Halloween!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Introducing Juan Diego!

Juan Diego is a 12 year old exchange student from Guatemala who is living with my sister's family for the next three months. We met up with them at Underwater World for a family outing and had a great time. The kids got to see all kinds of underwater creatures and even got to pet real live sharks! Juan seems to be enjoying his time in America. Joe and Maria are keeping him very busy! Welcome Juan!