Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer 2010

I guess you could say that this summer is getting away from us! Brian is traveling quite a bit with his new job. Although I am traveling more now too, I can't say that I am going to all the glamorous places that Brian is! The kids are still having a great summer and so I will post some recent and maybe not so recent pictures for you to see. I am sure our next blog post won't be until after that Great Minnesota Get Together, but ya, never know!

Vinny and the neighbor kids, Charlie and Allison.

While Brian was in DC, Carolyn took the kids to Cloquet for the weekend. Here is TT in Grandma Tina's kitchen.

That Saturday we packed a picnic lunch and headed for Park Point. Although it was late June, the weather that day was very cold and rainy. We were all disappointed and freezing.

We took a few quick pictures before we ran out of there. Here is TT all bundled up in a blanket.

Vinny was braver than the rest of us, but he got cold too.

Enough of this. Let's go to Sammy's Pizza.

Since the lake was a bust, we stopped and had pizza and then made an emergency trip to Target to purchase some Lego's. Here we see Zia translating the directions from English to Italian....

When all the giggling stopped, I peeked in to see why it was so quiet....

The third of July. Prior Lake. Vinny holds Emmy..the cutest little dog ever!

Emmy and Talia became best friends. It's the only dog that didn't come nose to nose with TT.

Vinny has become quite the swimmer and spent the entire day swimming with the big kids and playing on the giant water tramp...or, as Talia calls it...the water balloon.

Huddled on the boat.

A very tired girl.

Our friends house on Prior Lake. Beautiful.

A nice relaxing boat ride....maybe too relaxing.

Fourth of July. Knapp house in Rosemount. First fireworks of the night. Talia's face says it all.

Same place, different year... the pictures almost stay the same. Except for the kids get a little bigger each time. Sigh.
After awhile, Talia decided to head indoors. Too loud. Too scary.

Watching the big boys light fireworks.

While the fireworks were going on outside, inside we had Talia and Lyla practicing their cheerleader moves.

After the sidewalk fireworks, the boys and Calli headed back into the pool. They swam from 2:00 -10:00pm. How cool is it to swim in the dark with bright colorful fireworks popping up from every side? Soooo cool.
Calli, Vinny, and Connor, holding hands and going in for the tandem jump... in the dark.... this is so awesome! Hope everyone had safe and happy fourth of July!