Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween I Mickey & Tina's 70th Birthday Celebration

Yes, it's true. I have not posted since May. Sorry. Here are a few pictures from Halloween and Mickey and Tina's 70th birthday party celebration!

Carolyn carved this pumpkin for Talia who wanted a cat face.

Vinny wanted to be a scary monster man.

He decided after a while that the mask bothered him.

Talia posing with her scary Daddy....

"Tangled" or Rapunzel.......

Talia and her best friend, Katelyn. They were both the same thing for Halloween.

70th Birthday Celebration. Limo ride downtown to Oceanaire....great time!

Vinny checking out the Limo before we left for downtown.

Vinny and took a turn in the Limo to go around the block and then posed with Auntie Jenny.

Scott, Jen, and Carolyn

Brian and the Guest's of Honor...Mickey and Tina!