Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Angry Cheerleader

One bag of chips and twelve pack $12.00
One Cheerleader outfit $20.00
Cost of replacing Flat Screen TV $1,500

Talia's reaction to the Vikings loss to the Redskins: Priceless.

Talia's reaction after watching the Vikings disappointing loss to the Redskins. A victory would've gotten them into the playoffs, so she's a bit disgruntled. She hasn't been the same since.

Daddy trying to cheer up the angry cheerleader, no change, no smile, no luck!

Vinny said he'd seen enough of this poor effort and headed out to shovel.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Carolyn's Christmas party at Thomson.

This past week we took Vinny and Talia to Mommy's Christmas party where there were lot's of games and crafts and delicious treats. Talia was a little young but she was a trooper nonetheless.The Grinch Family..........(not really)
Vinny and his pal Frosty.
Snack time mommy!
Vinny showing off his artsy side, with Talia looking on.......
Vinny enjoying some face painting at mommy's Christmas party
The serious Santa moment?
That tickles daddy, hahahehe
The Laurienzo 'boys'
This Grinch dude is pretty cool!
Another one of Vinny's pals......
The Laurienzo 'girls'
That's so funny mommy & daddy.
Vinny not so hard please.....
Daddy's little helper, good job Vinny!

The Laurienzo tradition of Hot Chocolate after a full night of shoveling, deeelicious!
I love you too daddy!
I'm so glad to see you grandma Tina & Pappa Mickey!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

FindLaw ...How can I help you?

Ok....I finally figured out how to get this uploaded!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Festivities

The Little ? Mermaid

Fireman Vinny!
Making crafts at the Eagan Community Center Halloween Party.

Strike a pose.

Hey, that's a big knife. Ok...enough of that!

Fireman don't cry. Suck it up buddy.

Talia's mermaid swim dance.

Time to trick or treat!

It's getting cold out here......are we done yet?
Proud to serve. Too Tired to walk. Vinny actuall had more fun filling the bags of trick or treaters than he did collecting for himself. Go figure.

The Great Pumpkin

How do I get out of this pumpkin patch?

Oh Great Pumpkin....where are you?

Ahhh, the Great PUMPKIN!

Da Range

We took a trip to Hibbing in Mid-October so Great Grandma Barbaro could see Vinny and meet Talia for the first time. Despite the fact that the inside temperature of the house was about 88 degrees.....we still had a nice toasty visit!

Rosie cheeks. Hey, I thought it was October?

Zia, Grandma, and Talia.....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vinny goes to work.

Friday, October 12th, 2007. Vinny was a good boy all week so, he got to visit Mommy at work on Friday morning. We started off our day in the cafeteria. They were serving Vinny's favorite, french toast. After breakfast, we went to my desk to check things out.

Talia got to join in all the fun too!

Vinny enjoyed the phone system the most. Gee, imagine that!

Future salesman?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Indian Summer

I know, I am a slow blogger, but some things just can't be helped.

Last Sunday was so warm, we decided to enjoy it while we could. We accepted an invitation to swim in our friends pool. One last dip before the frost comes! Talia modeled her 12 month size bathing suit. Good thing we tried it on her! If we waited another six months, it would be a little snug!

Talia taking her first swim in a real pool! Exciting moment.

Dad and Vinny observing Talia free floating!

Vinny and Mom took a trip to a local park where he was able to feed the ducks. The ducks were very appreciative!

All the ducks gathered and Vinny fed them until they were full!