Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Festivities

The Little ? Mermaid

Fireman Vinny!
Making crafts at the Eagan Community Center Halloween Party.

Strike a pose.

Hey, that's a big knife. Ok...enough of that!

Fireman don't cry. Suck it up buddy.

Talia's mermaid swim dance.

Time to trick or treat!

It's getting cold out here......are we done yet?
Proud to serve. Too Tired to walk. Vinny actuall had more fun filling the bags of trick or treaters than he did collecting for himself. Go figure.


eskubic said...

So cute!!!

Vinny you look so strong and tough, what a big boy you are. Talia, you look adorable as a mermaid!! Next year tell your mom and dad to drive to Elk River for treats. You'll have to leave after lunch, but that's okay.


Vinny, when can I tickle your back again?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Vinny, did Mom and Dad eat your treats? I hope not. It is so nice see pictures of you and Talia. I hope one day we get to actually see the two of you. can bring Mom and Dad too.