Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2009

Christmas Eve Day began at the Laurienzo house as we celebrated along with the rest of the Laurienzo clan. A perfect day filled with good food, presents and a perfect blanket of fresh snow just in time for Christmas! On Christmas Day everything began a little slower as people shoveled their way out ... We made it over to the Kirschner house right before noon and had another great day with more food, more presents and more snow! I can't remember the last time we had such a beautiful white Christmas! Awesome.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I took Talia to see Disney on Ice "Princess Classics". Talia wore her Snow White princess gown and had a great time.

Talia was so surprised when the show began, but she loved every minute of it. Especially the Seven Dwarfs.

Christmas Eve morning.

A wink for you. Or does she just have something in her eye?

The girls talking in the kitchen!

Looking guilty about something.....

Ellie and Talia waiting patiently for their turn to open.

Tina looking good on Christmas...

Hi there Papa Mickey!

We always enjoy watching Jen open her presents. She always gets so excited.

Papa helps Talia open one of her gifts.

Ellie models her new outfit. Perfect!

Alissa shows off the beatiful sweater her Great Zia made for her.

The Laurienzo Clan -Christmas Eve 2009

The Laurienzo house on Christmas Eve.... I love this picture.

After church we couldn't resist some playtime in the snow. It was a beautiful night to be outside.

Papa and Vinny getting ready for a snowball fight!

King of the mountain!

Christmas morning.... what did Santa bring?

A shopping cart and some babies....

Vinny worked hard to get his name off the naughty list.....

Wow... A Nintendo DSi. Santa is soooo cool.

Christmas Day at the Kirschner's. Joe, Vinny, Talia, and Maria.

Talia says " she is having fun".... I hope so!

Talia isn't sure what to think of the glitter spray that is being put into her hair.

Grandpa gets a coffee mug with an old North Star Logo...

OK Celia... I saw your tutu... and now I have one too. Let's dance!

Ahhh, a new coat.... sweet. Ok. I was really thinking more toys would be good.

TT visits with her Uncle Paul

Vinny was very excited to get a Wild Jersey so he could match his big cousin, Joe.

Brian opens a gift.

Dad helps Vinny with his DS....... ahhh. Let's go eat!
Another Christmas in the books. Next stop. New Years Eve with the Franklins and the Skubics!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Where Did Thanksgiving go?

Halloween seems to be the start of the whirlwind that takes us through the holiday season. Now that Christmas is only a few short weeks away, I find that I am behind on my blogging and picture taking again! We didn't take too many Thanksgiving pictures, so I will share what we have and also throw in a few pre Christmas photo's. Happy Christmas Shopping!

Talia is becoming a big girl. So grown up!

For those of you who wonder why we don't cut Vinny's hair, just know that it has been cut since this picture was taken. I think it's a great look for a future rock star!

Ohhh Scott. You always surprise us with your fashion forwardness.

Vinny is dreaming of sugarplum fairies...... ok, he is really dreaming of Santa bringing him a Nintendo DS

So sad. When does the cookie decorating start?

GG the doll stalker..... don't take my dolls or I breaka your face.

"I think commercialization is the essence of Christmas"

What is JoAnne wishing for this Christmas? Thanks for the great party Jo...always a good time!

Talia shares some conversation with her cousin Ellie Laurienzo

Finally.....the cookie decorating.

Lauren and Shelby are immune to the antics of a five year old boy who has had too much sugar.

Ellie shows off her masterpiece cookie!

Little GG taking a break from all the action.

Ho Ho Ho..... the Guest of Honor!

Ellie had a nice visit with Santa...

Although Vinny found his name on the "naughty" list, Santa was kind enough to give him another chance to behave before Christmas Eve.

TT wasn't sure what to think of this guy, but she did cave in and let us put her on his lap.