Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

As we gathered with the Vertin-Franklins and Skubics to close out the year all we had to say is " Good-bye 2009...don't let the door hit you on the way out"...... May 2010 bring health and happiness to all!

A family picture on New Year's Eve. Vinny didn't want to participate, but we got him in the shot anyway!

Dad and Vinny

Sometimes a little bit of Vinny rubs on off on us....or is that the other way around?

Brian and Carolyn.

Talia was dressed up in her New Years finest, compliments of Grandma Tina! We especially like the faux fur collar!

Celia Skubic looking so adorable in her special New Years outfit and what fancy hair! Love it!

We now know where the "adorable" comes from with Celia..... Jeff and Erin Skubic.

" So TT what do you think of those girls sitting at the table across from us"?

Ohhh man! I can't believe they would wear that!

Erin and Celia enjoying their talk with Jo Anne and GG...

GG looks great in her Daddy's glasses!

Sam and Taylor. Thank goodness for them. They kept the kids occupied most of the night.

Is this where Jeff laughed when Brian got stabbed in the nose/face/eye with a butterknife?

Say, Celia..... I want to try that I Phone thingy....

Birthday Bob...... How was your "trip" into the parking lot? Ohhh yes, that was two or three years ago!

Happy New Year hugs from the girls...

At the end of the night Celia and Talia were looking a little tired, but still going strong!

I think the girls looked better than Vinny. He had super red cheeks and was pretty dog gone tired. Until next year everyone!