Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Tiny Dancer and Gymnast

Talia has become our tiny dancer! We signed her up for gymnastics since we grew tired of her jumping on our beds and couches. The pink leotard was all she needed to make her feel really special. Isn't she fancy?

Dancing around the house before class.
Trampoline's are fun...up and down , up and down.

Talia on the bars and Miss Linda assisting.

Working the hand stand....

Backwards sommersault. 9.0. See you at the 2020 Olympic Games!

Halloween Part II

Vinny carving his pumpkins for the front step.

Isn't this fun?

Talia started her halloween night off a little crabby. Eventually she snapped out of it and had a great night of trick or treating with her brother, Vinny.

Is it time to get started?

Vinny and Charlie enjoying their costumes. (Charley- Snake Eyes, Vinny-Darth Vader)

Our neighbors dog gave Talia a run for her money, but I think Talia emerged as the cuter bee.

Vinny and Charlie trick or treating

Talia did such a good job of trick or treating this year. After each candy drop she would turn and say " Next house Mommy"!

After making it around our entire block, Talia decided to head home and take inventory. A successful 2009 Halloween in the books!