Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween Part II

Vinny carving his pumpkins for the front step.

Isn't this fun?

Talia started her halloween night off a little crabby. Eventually she snapped out of it and had a great night of trick or treating with her brother, Vinny.

Is it time to get started?

Vinny and Charlie enjoying their costumes. (Charley- Snake Eyes, Vinny-Darth Vader)

Our neighbors dog gave Talia a run for her money, but I think Talia emerged as the cuter bee.

Vinny and Charlie trick or treating

Talia did such a good job of trick or treating this year. After each candy drop she would turn and say " Next house Mommy"!

After making it around our entire block, Talia decided to head home and take inventory. A successful 2009 Halloween in the books!

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Vertin-Franklin Family said...

So cute!! I bet they ate all the candy as they definately have mommy's sweet tooth!