Thursday, July 23, 2009

Talia goes to the Dentist

Talia had her very first visit to the Dentist on July 6th. We were not sure if she would let them look at her teeth because every night when we try to brush them she purses her lips closed super tight...however, it's always an adventure when someone else is doing it, so of course she was good!

These chairs are slippery.

Hmmm. What am I in for?

They let me try on gloves!

This is more fun than when Mommy and Daddy do it.
There is a video of this exciting appointment and I will try to load it. However, I am as always, experiencing technical difficulties.... so maybe you will see it. Maybe you won't. Stay tuned.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fourth of July Weekend 2009

We spent our 4th of July weekend the American way. Friends, family, lakes, boats, fishing, swimming pools, and good old American food! Burgers, hot dogs, chips, watermelon, CHEESE DIP, and plenty of other food that makes us feel like crap the next day.

Friday we were invited to John and Deana Bendoraitis' house on Prior Lake for some boating and fishing. This is Talia's first boat ride.

This would be so much more fun if I wasn't strapped in this pink vest. It's so confining!

Vinny came prepared with the Spiderman fishing pole that he got from his Papa Mickey last fall. He was ready to fish but his Daddy had just gone out on the Jet Ski. Mom decided to try to help Vinny out .... how hard can it be? We gave it a go.....and as we move to the next picture, you can see that John decided that Vinny would have a better shot at success if he helped Vinny out and Mom watched from the sidelines.
Thank goodness John was willing to pinch hit for Brian. He got Vinny a bobber, a worm and gave him some good instructions. Mom gave him a fake worm , no bobber and no instruction other than to stick the thing in the water and wait. Isn't that what you do?

We were all very excited to see Vinny catch his very first fish! Here he proudly poses with his first catch!

And another.......and another...and another..... still counting..... we stopped counting at 22.

This John guy is everywhere. Here he is rocking TT on the water to get her ready for her nap.
Vinny took a break from fishing to play on the beach with Erin who is Deana's oldest daughter
Deana's youngest daughter, Amy, shares a brownie with Talia....this place is so great!

I am not sure how this picture got on here. What are we doing?
Can you find the real Chicago Dog in this picture?
Carolyn, Deana (The hostess with the mostess) and Sherri...hanging on the boat.

See all that dirt? It's bait dirt! Ish! Wormy bait dirt...... war paint. The look of a true fisherman.

Talia enjoying some beach time with Amy.

Dad made it back from Jet Skiing to help Vinny do some more fishing.... and they just kept biting and biting...

This is a picture of one of the luckiest Mom's in the world!

Talia traded her Dad in for John but only for the day. TT couldn't get enough of this guy. Here he is letting her drive the boat. Why not? She and John were the only two sober ones on the boat.

CHEESE! Here is Lyla Knapp on the 4th of July....

TT gets her first sparkler!

This is sparkles Daddy! Dat's Hot! HOT!

Vinny's a pro at this by now!

Isn't that cute. It almost never happens.

All the crackling loud noises....... I scared Daddy.

Anne and Lyla retreated to the truck to watch the fireworks. Lyla was scared like Talia, not to mention there were no bugs in there either!

Thanks to the Bendoraitis' and the Knapp's for having us over the holiday weekend. We all had a great time!