Thursday, July 23, 2009

Talia goes to the Dentist

Talia had her very first visit to the Dentist on July 6th. We were not sure if she would let them look at her teeth because every night when we try to brush them she purses her lips closed super tight...however, it's always an adventure when someone else is doing it, so of course she was good!

These chairs are slippery.

Hmmm. What am I in for?

They let me try on gloves!

This is more fun than when Mommy and Daddy do it.
There is a video of this exciting appointment and I will try to load it. However, I am as always, experiencing technical difficulties.... so maybe you will see it. Maybe you won't. Stay tuned.


Vertin-Franklin Family said...

Funny!! I wonder how many cavities she will have living in a home full of sweet tooth's!

Gloria Vertin said...

Gee, she was good!!! I don't sit that still in the dentist's chair. Hope all is well there.....


bat act said...

if the video is longer than a couple seconds you have to load it on you tube and embed it. Blogger can't upload videos longer than about 30 sec.
Can't wait to see it!