Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween I Mickey & Tina's 70th Birthday Celebration

Yes, it's true. I have not posted since May. Sorry. Here are a few pictures from Halloween and Mickey and Tina's 70th birthday party celebration!

Carolyn carved this pumpkin for Talia who wanted a cat face.

Vinny wanted to be a scary monster man.

He decided after a while that the mask bothered him.

Talia posing with her scary Daddy....

"Tangled" or Rapunzel.......

Talia and her best friend, Katelyn. They were both the same thing for Halloween.

70th Birthday Celebration. Limo ride downtown to Oceanaire....great time!

Vinny checking out the Limo before we left for downtown.

Vinny and took a turn in the Limo to go around the block and then posed with Auntie Jenny.

Scott, Jen, and Carolyn

Brian and the Guest's of Honor...Mickey and Tina!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday's and more Birthday Parties

Tons of parties in April! Between all the parties and Easter we have been super duper busy! Below are some snapshots of Vinny's party and the kids joint family party that was held a few weeks ago!

Vinny and his friend Charlie

The boys all lined up to play laser tag!

It's hard to get this many boys to sit down and eat when there are games to be played!

Vinny multi-tasks by eating a cupcake while opening his present at the same time. Gotta get back to the action!

TT and GG love to play "dress-up" together.

Why is eating such a chore at birthday parties?

Who wouldn't be excited to have this many presents?

Ellie helps Talia with her presents

Where is Talia? Ohhhh behind her new PILLOW PET


Alissa and GG help Vinny and Talia make a wish!

Easter Festivities

On it! 6:10pm Easter Sunday. Kids are high on sugar, adults are stuffed full of good food, dishes are done and now it's time to wind down and enjoy a few more hours before it's back to work and school tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great Easter with family and friends. What a great weekend!

Off to Church in our Easter best!

Talia showing off all the colorful eggs she found.

Vinny is getting too good at this!

Going for a Sunday drive in Talia's new Barbie jeep. She started off a terrible driver but is slowly improving.

Dazzling the family with my street hockey skills.

Our Easter street hockey game. Way fun!

My favorite birthday present ever...

Dying eggs. 12 colors, lots of eggs, lot's of supervision!

Vinny loves to color eggs. Next year I think I will need to add a dozen more to the mix.

Talia would dye all the eggs pink and purple if we let her!

Decorating bags for the Easter hunt at Uncle Scott's and Auntie Jenny's house.

Even though Ellie had a fever, she hung in there with the other kids.

Alissa modeling her new sunglasses!

Poor Talia. Everyone else is so fast...

Egg hog.

The loot.

Another great Easter! Thanks everyone for making it a great weekend!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Talia's 4th Birthday Party

Talia had her 4th birthday on March 29th. We had a small celebration at the house and her special "friend" birthday party took place on April 16th. We had to wait for the extra special dresses to arrive so that Talia and her two friends could wear them for the party.

March 29th. Twinkle Toes!

These shoes are the greatest. They blink and they sparkle. Perfect.

Thank you Celia for this special card you made just for me! I just loved the flower crown and Fancy Nancy book. You are so awesome!

Mmm. Chocolate Cake. I hope I get two pieces.

Ohhh look. Vinny got a hold of my camera again. Boy humor.

Every girl needs a couple of close friends who all enjoy the same things

Thank you Katelyn and Lyla for coming to my birthday party!

Rapunzel, Snow White, and Snow White II

Where is Flynn Rider?

I did not know Rapunzel had a tattoo

All parties must end with a couple of good presents! Thanks everyone!