Sunday, July 13, 2008


Brian sent in Talia's picture to the online edition of the Star Tribune. It was posted Saturday and Sunday, July 12th & 13th.... Who would have thought that Talia would make the sports page before her brother?

Fun Filled Weekend!

On Friday night July 11th, we attended a family friendly work function at Canterbury Downs. Vinny brought a bag of carrots in hopes that he could feed a horse or two . We had so much fun feeding Gus and Socks , we never did get to bet on the racehorses! Who cares...... those racehorses are not any fun! The next day we had nothing better to do, so we packed a picnic lunch and headed down to the Como Zoo to see the animals and then go for a few rides at Como Town.

Vinny feeding Gus...

Daddy, Talia and Socks!

Vinny got a chance to fight a pretend fire on the Fire Brigade ride!

Mommy's favorite ride.... the giant Merry Go Round that used to be located at the Minnesota State Fair!
Talia's first ride ever! We think she liked it.....

Brian's Birthday

On Sunday, July 6th, we celebrated Brian's Birthday. Monday the 7th was his actual birthday but unfortunately for Brian and myself, we both ended up in bed on his birthday------ with the flu! ewww. Poor Talia had it first, and then Brian and I . Vinny dodged the bullet for now. We will keep our fingers crossed. Good times people!

Vinny was very excited to give his Daddy a very special birthday gift. He also decorated his first cake and I must say, he is going to give Sally a run for her money someday! Ok...maybe not..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fourth of July - 2008

C A N N O N B L O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

Vinny's version of CANNON BALL!

Vinny and Talia at the Eagan Parade.

Vinny enjoying the swimming party at his friend, George's house!

Talia and Daddy...cooling off.

This is Vinny's good friend Calli Maskel. Hmmm. Childhood sweethearts?


This is George Knapp. Future Olympic Swimmer! Thanks for inviting us over!

This is Lyla Knapp...George's baby sister and Talia's friend.

Talia and Warren (George's Dad)...... Nice hat Talia!