Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brian's Birthday

On Sunday, July 6th, we celebrated Brian's Birthday. Monday the 7th was his actual birthday but unfortunately for Brian and myself, we both ended up in bed on his birthday------ with the flu! ewww. Poor Talia had it first, and then Brian and I . Vinny dodged the bullet for now. We will keep our fingers crossed. Good times people!

Vinny was very excited to give his Daddy a very special birthday gift. He also decorated his first cake and I must say, he is going to give Sally a run for her money someday! Ok...maybe not..


Anonymous said...

Good job, Vinny! I think that cake says "Happy Birthday Daddy" in Sanskrit! Keep it up and you can help me some day. GAS

Anonymous said...

Vinny, that is the MOST beautiful cake I have ever seen. I'm sure your Daddy thought so too!

Your cousin, Jo

Anonymous said...

I think I see a professional baker in the future!:)


Anonymous said...

Love the cake Vinny. Your Daddy was from a "cake eater" town so...........

How old are you Brian???

Jocko Sr.