Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fourth of July - 2008

C A N N O N B L O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

Vinny's version of CANNON BALL!

Vinny and Talia at the Eagan Parade.

Vinny enjoying the swimming party at his friend, George's house!

Talia and Daddy...cooling off.

This is Vinny's good friend Calli Maskel. Hmmm. Childhood sweethearts?


This is George Knapp. Future Olympic Swimmer! Thanks for inviting us over!

This is Lyla Knapp...George's baby sister and Talia's friend.

Talia and Warren (George's Dad)...... Nice hat Talia!


Anonymous said...

Cute pics! I love the video - priceless. I also LOVE Vinny's long hair. He's all ready for hockey!


Anonymous said...

Vinny...too funny his head of hair cracks me up! He looks like a dude! Talia looks very happy for being a little sick! love the hat!

Jo and G