Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Trips

Over the weekend we hit two Pumpkin farms. The first one was in Lakeville. We stopped there to pick out some pumpkins for the house! The second one was in Belle Plaine. That was more of a family outing that we try to do every year with the cousins.

Vinny and Talia posing pretty for the camera

Talia tried literally picking up every pumpkin in the place. Hope that doesn't transfer over to boys in 15 years!

Vinny asked why all the pumpkins had warts on them!?

CC assigned cupcakes to everyone, by touching them all!

Who Me?

Come on guys, where's my cupcake!!

Don't tell my mom, but there's cake all over the floor. (She'll shit!)

Our two cookie artists hard at work! (playing the part of Aunt Edna is Jeff Skubic!) Love the necklace and rag.

Although it rained when we got to the pumpkin patch, Talia didn't seem to mind.

The Cleavers
GG doing the 'robot', and TT attempting 'running man'

CC and TT were cutting up some major rug, that CC can dance!
The gang posing for a family photog! Awesome group, but we should've stayed at your house!! HAHAHA

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MEA Dells Trip

For Vinny's first MEA weekend, we decided to take the kids to the Wisconsin Dells. We stayed at Glacier Canyon Lodge at the Wilderness Resort. Our room had two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a full kitchen! Unfortunately we don't have a lot of pictures to share because Brian and I did not feel like hauling a camera around when we were in the pool most of the time. We also thought we would spare you from viewing pictures of us in our swim suits! Hopefully we will have a few more pictures come Halloween time to share with all of you!

Vinny was so excited when he saw that his room had bunk beds AND their very own TV! Don't get used to it kid!

Here is TT jumping for joy off of the luggage cart.

Future corporate climber, Talia Laurienzo, checking the blackberry during her vacation, while her brother chows down on a caramel apple.


Which one is the scarecrow?

How many more Mom?

Talia had so much fun, she is praying we go back again soon.