Sunday, December 5, 2010


Right after returning from vacation the pre-Christmas festivities were already underway!
This year we started our decorating early and put out the mantle and bannister garland before we left for vacation. However, we did save the Christmas tree project for after we returned home. Vinny just loves to decorate the tree!

JoAnne and Bob's annual Christmas party was another pre-Christmas highlight that we just love! Here is Talia and her cousin, Ellie getting into the Christmas spirit!

Whenever you decorate a Christmas cookie it is always "standard" that you taste test the frosting and the sprinkles. Any good decorator would know this.

Hmm. The three Stooges? The three Wisemen? Huey, Dewey, and Louie?

The best thing about this annual party is that Santa always comes for a visit! Showing that there is ALWAYS room for improvement, Vinny made the "Nice" list this year. Last year, not so much.

Ellie was so excited to see that even though she forgot to tell Santa she wanted a webkins, he just knew!

Let the battles begin. Soooooo cool!

Scott won the ugliest sweater contest for a second year in a row. He has raised the bar on creativity. Brian was runner up. Next year it's ON! Can Scott pull off the Triple Crown?

Here Scott models his grand prize. A Superman snuggie! Way to go Junior!

Here we catch Jeff Skubic enjoying one of Meg Ball's famous Tiramisu cupcakes. Tis the season!

Here she is, the famous cupcake maker! Mmmmmm. Another terrific job Meg!

Talia and Celia were so excited to see they both had the exact same pair of pj's! A very festive choice girls!

Talia and Celia were quite the musical pair. They can sing, drum, and play harmonica. LOUDLY. Here Celia anxiously awaits her turn. No one cares if they share a harmonica, right? eww. Another great party at the Franklin house! Have a very merry Christmas and we will see you in a few weeks!

When You Wish Upon a Star

The Laurienzo's were ready to take their first "real" family vacation this November. With Brian's crazy travel schedule this year, the car accident and other everyday life stressors, we decided to take a week off and have some fun! The kids took their very first plane ride to Florida. We spent five days in Orlando and then drove south to Sarasota to spend Thanksgiving with one of my best friends, Beth Wexler and her family.

Getting ready to leave MSP

Vinny was excited but not sure what to expect. We think he liked it.

As we were landing the plane made a sudden drop. Talia said in a very loud voice " Ohhh that was just a little bit scary".

This is Sam Wexler. He came and joined us for a day at the Magic Kingdom!

Talia took quite a liking to Sam. Hmmm.

Vinny enjoying the "Toy Story" ride.

See what I mean?

The teacup ride. As you can see, Mom is missing from the picture. I don't do spinning and for good reason. While the kids were on the ride, someone in another teacup lost their lunch.

While Dad and Vinny were on Space Mountain, Talia and Mommy took a ride on the Merry-Go-Round.

We did ride Dumbo but it was easier to take our picture in the stunt double.

We only took like 100 of these and we didn't even use it on the Christmas card.

My friend, Beth, with Talia in our hotel pool.

Vinny and Sam displaying their synchronized swimming talents.

Vinny loved the pirate ship pool. This hotel resort was awesome!

Stay tuned for hoola-hoop video. Sam is the "Master" Hoola-hooper, however, Vinny has his own style which I would describe as manic. It's a must see.

Talia loves anything "princess"

One of things Vinny wanted to see in Florida was the ocean. Once we got to Sarasota, we hit the beach.

She sells seashells by the seashore.

Ahhh. Taking a little snooze on Daddy. This Florida thing was great. Can't wait to do it again soon!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Hope Everyone had a happy Halloween this year! Below are some pictures to show off some of the fun we had!

Posing for a fall picture at the Pumpkin Patch

Talia has developed a fear of parades (mascots) not to mention buttons, so she hung out with her Daddy, Jeff, and Bob a little further back from the action.

Vinny and Mom watching the parade up close

Vinny, Gianna (GG), Jo Anne, Celia (CC), and Erin

Talia (TT) hanging in the back away from the "aminals"

Vinny looking closely for candy

Here CC and Vinny wait patiently for some candy to come their way. Let's hope they get some before all those candy hogs scoop it up.

Talia got a little braver toward the end.


Back at the Skubics....treats, more treats...and silly faces!

Erin bought some necklace crafts and Vinny shows off his creation. We won't talk about what happened to CC's necklace when she asked her Mom to tie the string. Poor CC.

GG, Jo Anne, and CC doing crafts...(actually that is CC hard at work re-stringing her necklace).

The Halloween Party hosts: Jeff, Erin, and Celia

Here Jeff shows off his latest dance moves to the girls

Taking pictures is so much fun....

Halloween night. Right after the Vikings game. Ohhh TT, are you sad they lost?
NOPE! Just tired from all the Halloween festivities!

TT and her Daddy...

Katelyn (TT's best friend) and TT, getting ready to go out and get some candy!
They even decided to be the same thing!

Anakin (Vinny) and Miss Kitty (TT)

Talia did a great job trick or treating. When she came home she was so tired, we didn't even know she went upstairs by herself and put herself to bed, crocs and all. Candy collecting for two days straight can really wear a girl out.