Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Hope Everyone had a happy Halloween this year! Below are some pictures to show off some of the fun we had!

Posing for a fall picture at the Pumpkin Patch

Talia has developed a fear of parades (mascots) not to mention buttons, so she hung out with her Daddy, Jeff, and Bob a little further back from the action.

Vinny and Mom watching the parade up close

Vinny, Gianna (GG), Jo Anne, Celia (CC), and Erin

Talia (TT) hanging in the back away from the "aminals"

Vinny looking closely for candy

Here CC and Vinny wait patiently for some candy to come their way. Let's hope they get some before all those candy hogs scoop it up.

Talia got a little braver toward the end.


Back at the Skubics....treats, more treats...and silly faces!

Erin bought some necklace crafts and Vinny shows off his creation. We won't talk about what happened to CC's necklace when she asked her Mom to tie the string. Poor CC.

GG, Jo Anne, and CC doing crafts...(actually that is CC hard at work re-stringing her necklace).

The Halloween Party hosts: Jeff, Erin, and Celia

Here Jeff shows off his latest dance moves to the girls

Taking pictures is so much fun....

Halloween night. Right after the Vikings game. Ohhh TT, are you sad they lost?
NOPE! Just tired from all the Halloween festivities!

TT and her Daddy...

Katelyn (TT's best friend) and TT, getting ready to go out and get some candy!
They even decided to be the same thing!

Anakin (Vinny) and Miss Kitty (TT)

Talia did a great job trick or treating. When she came home she was so tired, we didn't even know she went upstairs by herself and put herself to bed, crocs and all. Candy collecting for two days straight can really wear a girl out.


Anonymous said...

Oh man your baby doesn't look much like a baby anymore! So glad we got to party together...we are still so amazed the kids were so good. Maybe because mine was sick!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! We had a fun day...maybe I sense a tradition???


Anonymous said...

Carloyn...good pictures.....Our Brian was afraid of parades too...especially if they had clowns.....I think he still is...Ha! Ha! Love the one of Talia sleeping...sign of a great time....So good to see you guys get together.


Secrets said...

Cute!! said...

Poor worn out girl!So sweet treating and tricking! I guess she made a great job then!