Sunday, December 5, 2010


Right after returning from vacation the pre-Christmas festivities were already underway!
This year we started our decorating early and put out the mantle and bannister garland before we left for vacation. However, we did save the Christmas tree project for after we returned home. Vinny just loves to decorate the tree!

JoAnne and Bob's annual Christmas party was another pre-Christmas highlight that we just love! Here is Talia and her cousin, Ellie getting into the Christmas spirit!

Whenever you decorate a Christmas cookie it is always "standard" that you taste test the frosting and the sprinkles. Any good decorator would know this.

Hmm. The three Stooges? The three Wisemen? Huey, Dewey, and Louie?

The best thing about this annual party is that Santa always comes for a visit! Showing that there is ALWAYS room for improvement, Vinny made the "Nice" list this year. Last year, not so much.

Ellie was so excited to see that even though she forgot to tell Santa she wanted a webkins, he just knew!

Let the battles begin. Soooooo cool!

Scott won the ugliest sweater contest for a second year in a row. He has raised the bar on creativity. Brian was runner up. Next year it's ON! Can Scott pull off the Triple Crown?

Here Scott models his grand prize. A Superman snuggie! Way to go Junior!

Here we catch Jeff Skubic enjoying one of Meg Ball's famous Tiramisu cupcakes. Tis the season!

Here she is, the famous cupcake maker! Mmmmmm. Another terrific job Meg!

Talia and Celia were so excited to see they both had the exact same pair of pj's! A very festive choice girls!

Talia and Celia were quite the musical pair. They can sing, drum, and play harmonica. LOUDLY. Here Celia anxiously awaits her turn. No one cares if they share a harmonica, right? eww. Another great party at the Franklin house! Have a very merry Christmas and we will see you in a few weeks!


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Superman snuggie is so hilarious that I lack the words to describe my amusement! Thanks, dear, for boosting the mood for the last working day before the weekend! I'll drop by soon!