Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Yes, Christmas and New Years is over and most of you are now focused on the upcoming Valentines Day celebration, but we did want to share our Christmas photo's before we got too far behind! We had a great holiday split between the Laurienzo's of Prior Lake and the Kirschner's of Burnsville. Starting us off in the photo display is Talia, our sleeping ballerina!

Giving Jessica Simpson's fashion line a run for it's money, Talia displays her own personal PJ creation. Footy pajama's with the purple tutu.

Not to be out-shined in the creative department, Vinny displays the Ginger Bread house he created with his Dad at a holiday party.

Christmas at the Prior Lake Laurienzo's started off with Ellie opening the wrong present. Ellie liked it so much, Santa saved the day and brought her one later that night!

Baby Alive.....sweet!

Here is Alissa waiting patiently for her turn.

Vinny lost in a sea of presents.....

Brian's great Aunt (Zia) Stella. She just loves presents!

Hockey Skates!

Here Vinny thanks Zia for the Christmas money that she gave him.

Mickey is all set up for the Twins opener in 2011.....now he just needs the tickets!

This Christmas thing is great.....

They sure do make you work at this!

Justin Biebers little brother.... ha.

Grandpa Bob in his favorite chair.

Joseph McDonald, Grandma Diana, Talia, Maria McDonald, Grandpa Bob, Vinny

Vinny, Auntie Liv, and Talia

Another Twins fan ready to go for 2011.

Vinny helps his dad shovel off the deck to make room for Dad's new grill!

New Years Eve out with the Franklin's.... Good times!

While Mom and Dad went out with the Franklins, Vinny and Talia decided they wanted to go to Grandma and Grandpa Kirschner's house.

Ohh ya....good idea to go to Grandma and Grandpa's....

Everyone needs a little fresh air, even in the winter time!

Getting a little stir crazy!

Talia had her Kindergarten assessment shortly after New Years. Here she is taking her eye exam with special Blue's Clue's glasses!

That is all we have for now! We hope everyone has a terrific 2011!


bat act said...

Man, Talia and Vinny are getting so big! looks like they made out pretty well at christmas! haha!

CAMP MARAS est. 1993 said...

See...I'm not the ONLY slacker! Thanks for the update -
Happy New Year!

Sally T said...

So good to see everyone, even if it is only in pictures....looks like everyone had a great Christmas!! Vinny always looks the same to me, but Talia seems to be changing so much, such a pretty girl! Kindergarten assessment??? geez

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Carolyn....Diana, Bob and Olivia look good.....the kids are getting so grown up...and good looking! Must be from the DeBernardi side!! LOL


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Vertin-Franklin Family said...

Cripes...it's Feb. UPDATE!!!

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