Tuesday, September 8, 2009

State Fair 2009

FINALLY! The Fair is finally over and we are finally blogging. Oh well, better late than never. Vinny and Talia came out to the fair three times. Vinny has moved on from kiddie land and now prefers the excitement of the Midway where he can play games of chance and go into the funhouse. He still doesn't care for the wild and crazy rides, but who cares? Talia isn't sure what she likes but she did enjoy having her hair done and being "Princess" for a day.

Bob was feeling pretty good and back in action.

Vinny got two balls in right off the bat! Future Gopher maybe?


Vinny's very first trip into a fun house!

Those moving stairs were tricky! Good thing Maria was behind me!

Almost outta here!

Lacey (Vinny's babysitter/girlfriend), Vinny, and Maria.

Talia's way of hiding from the Mascots that roam the fair.

Skyride with Daddy.

Brian, Vinny, Carolyn, and Maria on Ye Old Mill.

Waiting for the parade to start.....

Still waiting....

When does this parade start?? Come on!

Vinny being Vinny.

Ok.....are you ready? TALIA GETS A FAIR-DO!

We opted for the "Princess" package and here she sits patiently awaiting the outcome.
I am not so sure this is going to be as fun as they told me!

Owwwee! This hurts. It pulls and pinches....

Ohhhh Ok. This is starting to be fun now....My hair is dfferent colors!

Taaaaaa Dahhhhhh! Beauty Queen! That Princess Kay of the Milky Way is yesterday's news.

They are both growing up so fast! No fair! (no pun intended).

Walking around as a Princess is harder than I thought. Time for some beauty sleep. Bye-Bye Fair! See you next year!


vertinjr said...

Great pictures, Carolyn.....they are growing up too fast...glad to see some happy faces.....and you Dad!!!

eskubic said...

Fun!!!! One more fair in the books! The princess hair is a riot!! Did it wash out easily?? Vinny...how was your first day of KINDERGARTEN!?!?

Anonymous said...

Kindergarten pictures are coming. The hair washed out easily..it was the snarls from the backcombing that took some work. Use lot's of conditioner!

Anonymous said...

Now that Batact has told me how to upload video I will need to get a couple of those on the blog. Hope to have some up by the weekend!

Vertin-Franklin Family said...

So cute!!! Where has summer gone??

bat act said...

Oh my gosh! The princess hair was so funny! I can't believe she sat through all that! What a good sport!