Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009 Vinny's 1st Day of School

Below are pictures from Vinny's school orientation and his first day of school. As you can see from the first picture he is going to fit right in. Vinny is attending the SAC program in the morning which is a "before school program in the school gym and at 9:15 he begins his all-day kindergarten class. School was not as scary for Vinny since several of his neighborhood friends are also in SAC and in his Kindergarten class.

On Vinny's first day, the music teacher mistakenly thought he was a girl. The kids teased him about that the rest of the day. He took it like a man and when he came home, Brian took him to get a haircut. However, the hair is still longer than it should be, but apparantly that is the "style" or so they tell me.

Vinny likes that he gets to make choices at breakfast and lunch time. He informed us today that when was given cereal for breakfast, he chose CHOCOLATE milk to put in his bowl. ISH.

Mom and Dad are proud of their boy, but Mom is still a little sad to see him go!

Talia looks on as her brother prepares for his first day!

Our little boy is all grown up!


CAMP MARAS est. 1993 said...

Yay Vinny! Congratulations on being a kindergartener. WOW!!!

have fun -

vertinjr said...

Way to go Vinny on your first day! I was thinking man you have long hair...your daddy must have hair envy!! Think is really Jo-Jo on her mom's computer

Anonymous said...

Hey, Vinny....this is Jo-Jo's mom....your hair does look better a little shorter....but you are a cutie.....when are you going to come to Ely so we can meet you and Talia......???