Sunday, December 16, 2007

Carolyn's Christmas party at Thomson.

This past week we took Vinny and Talia to Mommy's Christmas party where there were lot's of games and crafts and delicious treats. Talia was a little young but she was a trooper nonetheless.The Grinch Family..........(not really)
Vinny and his pal Frosty.
Snack time mommy!
Vinny showing off his artsy side, with Talia looking on.......
Vinny enjoying some face painting at mommy's Christmas party
The serious Santa moment?
That tickles daddy, hahahehe
The Laurienzo 'boys'
This Grinch dude is pretty cool!
Another one of Vinny's pals......
The Laurienzo 'girls'
That's so funny mommy & daddy.
Vinny not so hard please.....
Daddy's little helper, good job Vinny!

The Laurienzo tradition of Hot Chocolate after a full night of shoveling, deeelicious!
I love you too daddy!
I'm so glad to see you grandma Tina & Pappa Mickey!


Anonymous said...

Glad you got some NEW pictures up. I thought you gave up Blogging. The kids are getting so big. Looks like they had a good time with the Grinch and friends. Hope you have a Great Christmas...and Santa brings lots of presents.

Buon Natale......

Anonymous said...

We are slow bloggers, that is for sure. Oh well, better late than never!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures and the kids are so darn cute! Nice to see your chocolate mix comes in a bottle??????

Have a Great Holiday Season Guys,

Your Mom's Uncle Jack

Anonymous said...

man, tons of pictures at once...about time. save that hot chocolate for game nite!

other brian