Monday, March 30, 2009

Photo Stylings of Vinny Laurienzo

Vinny inherited his Mom and Dad's old camera and immediately went to work photographing people and objects from a "Vinny" perspective. This is his first public showing.

The inner Vin

Birthday Girl

Gummy Bear

Tight Fit

Inside the box


Aaaahhhh Choo



vertinjr said...

OHHHHHH...Brian and I feel sorry for are going to have your hands full with Vinnie......but what a cutie. So is Talia...but he didn't take too many pictures of others...Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for me too!

Vertin-Franklin Family said...

Oh~how cute! Now maybe you teach him to Blog regularly...of course when he isn't practicing jamming with his brothers~the Jonas Brothers that is....

Anonymous said...

No the Jonas Brothers are his cousins Jo. That Vinny is quite the entertainer for sure. Brian

Sally T said...

Vinny, you are so cute and talented! I really actually love the picture of Talia standing behind the chair in the corner, with the blinds has great design and line elements...a good one to frame! A budding photographer, better watch where he takes pictures guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Vinny is the ugliest kid i have ever seen in my entire life