Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Eve!

Valentines Day was especially sweet this year because Grandpa Bob got to come home! We all stopped by to visit Grandpa and bring him a heart shaped cake that Vinny and Mommy made to celebrate! Mmmmmm. Later, Mom and Dad met up with JoAnne and Bob for an "Adults Only" dinner at PF Changs. Mmmm.

Here is Batman whipping up some chocolatty goodness for Grandpa.

A pink heart!
Talia reads a book.


A quiet moment with SpongeBob.

This is Vinny's Fireman. Stick him in water and he grows to six times his size! It
takes three days........................


vertinjr said...

Great pictures and so good to see Bob...he looks good too. I bet he is driving your Mom NUTS. Nice cake Vinny...I got a birthday coming up...wanna bake one for me?


Gail said...

Great pics! Very happy to see your Dad is home and with his loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Yey! Bob is home! Glad you guys had a fun Valentine's. Thanks for hanging up on me at PFChangs. Did your lettuce wraps show up or what? That's okay...I had better things to do. :)
Hope to see you all soon...

Jocko Sr. said...

Love the pictures. Nice cake Vinny. Maybe your baking skills are because your Dad was a cake-eater from Cloquet (just like Duluth East kids).

Glad Bob is home and doing well. Maybe we will be able to take Bob golfing this summer. Golf is good for lowering one's blood pressure??

Sally T said...

Hope to see a picture of that fireman after 4 days.....counting the days until then!!!