Monday, May 14, 2007

The Skubic BBQ

The girls who inspired Justin Timberlakes smash hit "Sexy Back".

Male bonding and sporting competition!
Jocko and Bob having some serious conversation.
Sally, Liv, and Baby Celia...

Grandma Diana with baby Talia

Amanda, Maria, and Vinny playing croquet.

The gracious party hosts!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day that was. I'm glad everyone could make it.


Anonymous said...

great blog C. What a fun day that was. game night!!!!! hi vinny and talia.

-other brian

eskubic said...

I'm glad I have such nice, tan legs. Gross.

Anonymous said...

Good job bloggin' Carolyn!! Next time maybe we can get the Nebraska-connection on board!!! Sally

Anonymous said...

Nice job of blogging "C". I can still recognize you behind those cool shades. Where are those sexy pictures that I took of the Big 3?

Jocko T.

Gloria said...

Hey....who are those 2 OLD gray haired guys oogling the cute chicks? Boy, they are OLD!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gloria, I only see one old gray hired guy and it is Mr. Robert Kirschner. The other guy's hair must be bleached from all of the sun shine from Up North.

Other Guy

Gloria said...

Hey, Anonymous "Other Guy"!! You know what they say about getting your hair bleached by the sun....To much sun will cause you to forget how to golf and spell...who is the HIRED guy?