Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vinny goes to the Dentist!

How exciting! My first trip to the Dentist. I can't believe how lucky I am. I hear that it's lot's of fun!
I guess they make you wear a bib. Hmmmm?? What is going on here?

Hey, YOU GUYS told me this would be fun!

OK. I picked Cherry flavored toothpaste for my cleaning. It tastes pretty good.

Dr. Little gave me an exam. No cavities! All done. A successful visit to the Dentist. Do I get my sucker now? What? No sucker? A toothbrush? I get a toothbrush? Geez...........


Anonymous said...

Vinny did pretty good at the dentist. The first time I brought Erin to the dentist he told me to take her home (she wouldn't open her look at her) and to bring her back when she was more mature. sigh... Sally

eskubic said...

...That's because you brought me dressed up as a yellow crayon! I am still scared of yellow crayons and dentists.

Gloria said...

You guys make my day with these Blogs......LOLOLOL

Carolyn....he is so cute! Lauren is coming this weekend and she always has a Vinnie story!!

Anonymous said...

Good job Vinny! The ladie like the teeth!

-brian, the other one, not your dad.

Anonymous said...

Man you look good Vinny and such a MATURE young man. All you have to look forward to are decays, root canals, crowns, ...didn't your Grandpa Bob not have any tooth decays? Must be the genes?

Bad teeth guy