Monday, April 30, 2007

Vinny's 3rd Birthday!

Vinny's Special Day!
Vinny get's his first "big boy" bicycle! Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Joseph McDonald and the McDonalds newest member, Hannah! Isn't she cute?

Daddy helps Mommy prepare for the party by testing out the chairs, the beer, and the chips.

The party POOPER.

Happy Birthday to Mommy and Vinny!

These are Vinny's "Gurls". Ashley and Lacey are the daughters of Judy Rowland, who does Vinny's daycare. The "Gurls" stopped by on Saturday before the party to meet Talia and to wish Vinny a Happy Birthday! Way to go Vinny!


Anonymous said...

Good work Brian! I hope to be able to test things like you in the future.

Brian T.

Anonymous said...

Great looking family Mr. Laurienzo. I would write more but I am tired from golfing 27 holes today at the Quarry. This retirement stuff is hard work.