Friday, December 5, 2008

Mr. President

Yes, I know it's been quite a while since our last post. We have been very busy, blah blah blah! There are not too many pictures of the kids to share. We had a bad Santa experience and so there won't be any from that! Santa was fine, but the picture taking people were a nightmare!
Our good friend, John was promoted into a new position a few weeks ago and to celebrate, we went out for an adult night on the town. No kids, a few drinks, and some Karaoke.....good times!

That is one long Hummer.......

The guest of Honor, John, and his beautiful wife Deana!

Brian attemps Karaoke....

John and Ryan singing some Kid Rock.....I wanna be a Cowboy Baby....

I don't think this is my wife... but it's ok, she is the one taking the picture!

I don't think is my husband.... It isn't? Dang.

Hey, John, I think we still have all our moves.... um..... No, no you don't.

John and Carolyn.......peace out!

The girls....Kickin it.


Anonymous said...

you still look good in the bar scene at your ages! lol

Anonymous said...

Caroline.....glad you and Brian and friends had a good time. BUT....I would rather see photos of the kids....although you look like one...looking good!!!


Vertin-Franklin Family said...

I think you guys need another baby to curb that "mid-life crisis" behavior! I would be sick for days! Out of shape I guess!