Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Part 1: BC - Before Christmas

Shortly before Christmas Vinny and Talia had the opportunity to attend the Thomson Reuters annual Children's Christmas party and then there was a quick trip to Duluth where we had a visit with Vinny and Talia's Great Grandma at the nursing home.
Start off with a little face paint.....


A visit to Mommy's desk.
The only smile we got of her that day. She didn't care for the party too much!

The Christmas Mouse. Talia was afraid of him.

Stella (Zia), Vinny, Talia, Brian, and Great Grandma Barbaro.

Grandma gives Vinny some chocolates from her pocket.

Although most of us don't care for nursing homes...Vinny and Talia think they are the greatest places to visit. All the nurses and residents gave the kids christmas cookies, ice cream and candy...what's not to like? Grandma and all of the other residents sure enjoyed getting a visit from the little ones!

Woo woo. Talia is ready for a quick dip in the pool at Edgewater in Duluth. Then it's back to the Cities to start all the family celebrations!

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vertinjr said... nice of you and Brian to bring the kids to see their relatives in the nursing home. I remember taking Nick when Pa and Grandma Vertin were in our Nursing Home. He was the pet of all the old people...he had a regular trap line he would visit. Hope you all had a nice Christmas.