Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Part II: The Laurienzo Christmas

We spent Christmas Eve day celebrating at the Laurienzo's house (Scott and Jen Laurienzo). Upon our arrival, Alissa took Vinny into the bathroom with her as she pulled her front tooth. Vinny gave us regular updates until the tooth was successfully removed. Alissa is pretty brave to pull her own tooth, and to let Vinny watch as she did it! So, in honor of that great accomplishment, Alissa gets the first post. Now, say it with me:

All she wants for Christmas is..........yep, her two front teeth!

Ellie still has all her teeth but she gets a picture on the blog too!

The gang decided to go outside and try to do some sledding. Vinny did not want to wear mittens or gloves. As you can see, it was really cold...and he is really stubborn. Even though it appears from the next picture that he did go down the hill, he actually gave up before taking the plunge and retreated to the warm house. Next time, let's hope he will wear the mittens so he can join in the fun!

Talia stayed inside and actually got to take a snooze!

Daddy, Talia, Vinny.

Christmas High Jinx....

Let's see, this looks comfy...

Talia hugging Alissa's doll.

Pretty baby...

This is fun.....NEXT?

Talia's new baby doll. She sings!

Alissa opens up her new art kit from her cousins!

Ellie looking pretty happy with her gifts! Including the one she is wearing!

Vinny got a laptop from his Grandma and Grandpa Laurienzo. How cool is this? Hey, maybe I can pass along blogging duties to this guy? That would be sweet!


Anonymous said...

Vinny would probably blog more!!!

Sally T said...

Thanks for sharing Christmas with the Kirschners! In all these years, I think it's the first time I've seen Christmas pics at your mom & dad's Carolyn! How did you manage to find room for all those presents in your house? Bet you had to build a new room!!!