Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vinny's 5th Birthday

The Birthday boy!

Talia showing off the new pajams's that match her cheeks!

A snorkel for the pool and probably the bathtub too.

Maria and Talia

Some cake for TT

Maria likes her cake in a bowl with milk, just like Grandpa Bob taught Chris and Carolyn.
Grandpa Bob made it out of the hospital just in time!
Auntie Chris and Talia

Vinny see's his brand new bike!

Too bad this bike couldn't hold air in the back tire, so we brought it back and Vinny picked out a bluish/purple bike that is just as cool as this one!

Maria keeps Talia busy in the car while Vinny tries his new bike outside. It was cold out!

The "real" birthday day. Some looks excited!

Mom and Vinny on their special day. Um, Talia was a picture crasher. We didn't mind.

Vinny had his party at Grand Slam. They have all kinds of fun stuff for kids to do.

Vinny and his cousin Alissa playing in the "playzone"

"I scared".....Talia didn't care for the playzone. It was too loud and nerf balls fired out of cannons were not fun for her.

Some of the party guests.....

Vinny's theme was "Army"

Strawberry cupcakes....mmm.

Enough of that playzone, this is what I wanted!
Dad shows off his virtual jump-roping skills.

Alissa and Ellie on Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME!

Look at that face. I don't think he likes presents.

Lot's of giggles from the Laurienzo girls.
This is fun stuff!

GI Joe! Man, I am going to be busy for days! Happy Birthday Buddy!


Vertin-Franklin Family said...

Vinny we are so sad we missed your party you looked like you had so much fun. I remember you as that hairy little baby in the hospital. Where did the 5 years go???

vertinjr said...

Happy 5th Birthday, Vinny!! Looks like you had a good time. Was nice to see that Grandpa Bob made it. Too bad we live so far away. It would be fun to be with all of you!!
Belated Happy Birthday....nice bike!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like a fun birthday. Being five looks so cool. Have fun riding your new bike!! Hope to see you soon!


Vertin-Franklin Family said...

Vinny...tell mom to get blogging!!! Io know you have done alot since your birthday! Slackers!;)