Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

While Talia napped peacefully upstairs, Vinny kept busy coloring eggs. He had so much fun we had to go buy another kit and do it all again the next day!

A special smile on Easter morning.

Talia waits for her brother to get dressed.

Easter morning with Daddy!

Quick..hurry ...take the picture.

This is the best we could do. Talia doesn't like to sit still, Vinny likes to make faces!

Is Talia already hunting for eggs?

Grandpa came by with Grandma for an Easter dinner.

Big Smiles!

Bright sun! Squinting eyes! We love spring!

Talia, Maria, Joe, Vinny.

Look what I found!

Wow...they are all over the place!

How many did I get?
Easter Fun!
That is a big basket!

Has someone been eating my chocolate eggs? Mom?


CAMP MARAS est. 1993 said...

Happy Easter Laurienzo's!!!!!

Don't worry Talia...mommy's NEVER eat their kids chocolate. :)


Vertin-Franklin Family said...

I am so impressed your mom blogged!! I love your dress T. I can hardly wait to wear it! Vinny looked so handsome. See you soon!

Love GG

Sally T said...

What a fun Easter you all had! Vinny your decorated eggs are beautiful....did they start to stink yet? Talia looks beautiful in pink....love to see the pictures of the 4 kids together, they are all growing up so fast! Good to see your dad, he looks healthy!

vertinjr said...

Gee, Carolyn updated her Blog. You kids are getting so big. Grandpa Bob is looking good. Hope he feels OK...you kids have to take good care of your Grandmas and Grandpas.