Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leinie Lodge - Minnesota State Fair 2008

It is Leinie Lodge time at the Minnesota State Fair. Stop by and buy a beer and see what Brian is eating. This year Brian plans to try:

1. Big Fat Bacon - bacon on a stick

2. Pig Lickers - chocolate covered bacon

3. Leprachaun Legs- lightly battered deep fried green beans

4. Deep Fried Smores on a stick - at Oodles of Noodles

5. Jerk on a Stick - Carribean Jerk Sausage on stick

5. Walking Taco- taco meat, cheese salsa & sour cream served in a dorito bag full of chips

In addition, he will also continue to eat his favorites:

1. Bull Bites

2. Turkey Tendorloin on stick

3. Corn Roast

4. Sweet Martha's

5. Cheese Curds

6. Chocolate Cupcakes

7. Chocolate Brownie

8. Pork Chop on stick

9. Onion Rings

10. Butcher Boys London Broil

11. Gizmo Sandwich

12. Salted Nut Rolls

13. Jumbo Beef Burrito

and many others I have probably missed. Anyhow, stop by, Brian is always eating. Literally.

See you at the fair!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's time for the fair again. I swear I just finished my bucket of cookies. Oh wait, I ate those all in the car on the way home from the fair. The Walking Taco is hilarious yet brilliant at the same time. I think Jeff will have to try that for sure. I am going to try the Deep Fried S'mores and Celia is going to try the Giant Slide. We'll see you there!!

Easy on the foam!

Fancy Skubic

Anonymous said...

Brian it sounds like you may experience a lot of volatility...Keep your fingers out of peoples beers! Hoping to make it to see Brandi Carlise Mon. or Tues. Hey fancy Skubic..."What makes you so Fancy"...priceless! Oh those were the fun Fair days!!


Anonymous said...

Man, I hope we are living up there next year so I can get in on all this. Sounds YUMMY! Hope you have a successful year at the Fair!

Other Jo

Anonymous said...

Hey, Brian.....have 2....of everything on your for you and one for me......wish I could be there to help you out. Have a great year!! Then come to Ely to visit.


Anonymous said...

Brian, don't forget the Tums! Sally

Anonymous said...

Food list looks great Brian. Lucky you are very tall and can handle the extra weight. lol

I will be thinking of you this Wed. and Thurs. while golfing at the Quarry and Legend.

Sr. Jocko