Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vinny's Easter Basket

Gee, Grandma D sure knows a lot about the treats that were in Vinny's Easter Basket!


Anonymous said... you think Grandma Diana called the Easter Bunny about your basket? Boy, you got a lot of nice things. What did Talia get? I bet she bugs you for your toys. Just be a good brother and let her play with them sometime.


Anonymous said...

Talia got clothes and some Fruit Puffs. Not too exciting but she didn't seem to notice.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vinny,

Glad that my OLDER sister called the Easter Bunny and told him/her to bring you bubble bath. Just what a young boy wants. I will call the Easter bunny for you next year. Maybe you will get a nice John Deere tractor???

Gramma D's YOUNGER brother

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff Carolyn, funny stuff.
It gets harder every year, trust me. :)
Happy Spring to you ALL!