Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some Bunny Loves Me!

Today we spent Easter Sunday with Grandma D and Grandpa Bob. We went out for Brunch and then back to the house to see what the Easter Bunny brought the kids! Oh, and stay week we will post pictues of Talia's 1st birthday! All this blogging......when will it stop?

Hey--What is going on around here?

Vinny is practicing photography. Here is a shot he took of Grandpa Bob.

A hug for my sister on Easter. Whether she wants it or not.


The day before Easter....Vinny colors eggs...Very detail oriented and focused.

It's a sea of easter eggs! Wow..........Talia at the church easter egg hunt.


Anonymous said...

Gee, Bob and Diana look good for gray hair!! You all look good. I like all the Easter eggs and Talia phot...that is how my house use to look when the kids were home.The Easter photos are great....thanks for sharing and am waiting for the birthday ones.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gloria,

Good to hear from you. I know I am slow with the blogging, but everytime I sit down to do it, it takes me over an hour!

Hope you had a great Easter too!

Anonymous said...

So, Why is Grandpa holding Vinny's hands down?

Anne Portinen

Anonymous said...

Good question Anne. I am not sure, it could be that Vinny has a hard time keeping his hands to himself. He likes to "poke"....especially at his sister.


Anonymous said...

No gray hair???? Right. I don't have any gray hair too.

Good job Bob holding down Vinny. You da man.

Talia sure is a cutie.

Hey Carolyn, who is the old guy in your family picture?

Also Carolyn can Brian play golf with us this year?

Jocko T.