Thursday, September 9, 2010

July and early August 2010

Just a few pictures from July and early August. Brian left right after the 4th of July for a business trip to Australia. Since he was gone over his birthday, the kids took a picture wishing their Daddy a happy birthday and left it on the camera he was using on his trip. Their Daddy loved seeing a picture of his kids when he was so far away from home!

Carolyn's first trip to Target Field. We all had a great time!

Papa Mickey's first trip to Target Field too!

Here is the one picture we have from the family reunion in Hibbing, MN. Talia was having so much fun it's hard to believe that about 10 hours later she got the stomach flu and was out of commission the rest of the weekend.

Here is a picture of Talia on our drive back home to the cities. We decided to come home a day early so she could sleep in her own bed.

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