Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vinny's 6th Birthday

Happy Birthday Vinny! What a party! Our Sunday started out early with lot's of party prep. At 11am all of Vinny's friends gathered at the Eagan Police Department for a tour of the station. Officer Bob showed us all around. Following the tour, we went back to the house for a birthday lunch and then all the kids went into the backyard to play Nerf dart tag! The kids had a good time despite the gloomy weather. Of course there was lot's of cake and presents too. What a great time. After that party was over, we had two hours to prep for the family party that followed. We ordered pizza's and had more cake and ice cream and more presents. Vinny said he had a great day.... and we did too!

Vinny requested that Mom make Strawberry cupcakes for his party.

Officer Bob

Talia and her Papa Mickey

In this picture, Officer Bob is showing the kids the way to the holding cell, or as everyone else likes to call it, JAIL!

Here are all the kids sitting in a jail cell. Hmm. Which ones do you think will be back there in 12 years?

Vinny's friend, George, poses for a mug shot!

# 4.... Please step forward. ha ha...

Enjoying the view from the back seat of the police car. Cha cha...you are looking too comfortable in there!

The kids thought it was great fun to be piled into the back seat of a squad car. I wonder if they will think it's that fun the next time it happens?

Dart Tag

So many presents. This is great!

The birthday girl and birthday boy.

Presents...round two.

One of Vinny's presents was a real live Betta fish. Why Betta? Because they are Betta than a Goldfish! ha ha... Vinny named him Billy.

Happy Birthday Vinny!


Sally T said...

Guess there was no chance for you to have a relaxing, enjoyable birthday, Carolyn! Sorry I missed getting a card out to you, but I WAS thinking of you on Monday! Hope it was happy!!

Anonymous said...

Geez update your blog before Vinny turns 18.....

Anonymous said...