Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Wishes!

April 26th is always extra special in the Laurienzo house. We get to celebrate two birthday's! This year we took Vinny to the Depot Waterpark in downtown Minneapolis for his 4th birthday celebration. Although it was snowing outside, you wouldn't know it. It was hot and balmy and full of fun inside!

A future fireman always plays it safe when using fire and candles!

Um, bring on the cake people!

The Depot Waterpark has to have a Train!

Notice Grandma's shirt. How appropriate!

Calli Maskel.....Vinny's friend.

Someone needs a rest!

Vinny on the way home from his party.

After a big day at the waterpark, this happy foursome went out for a quiet
adult birthday celebration at Benihana! Mmm Mmm. Good. Overall, it was a great birthday for Vinny and Carolyn!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Carolyn and Vinny! Looks like you had a great day...Let's meet at that waterpark sometime, looks super fun! Jeff can try out his new lifevest.

Great pictures!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Carolyn and Vinny. What great pictures....Love the one of your Mom in her Italia shirt.......Like Brian's Mom would say....Buon Compliano!!! Looks like you ALL had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Let's do it, lets meet at the waterpark one day. Celia would love it...That place was super cool!
Hope to see you guys soon!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday both of you!! looks like a good time. see you soon!

other brian