Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dada: 2, Momma: 0

It's a good thing that "Momma" has a sense of humor!


Anonymous said...

Carolyn....don't feel bad....for some reason the little stinkers always say DADA first....that's because they spend so much time with them....she is a cutie!!


Anonymous said...

Nah! It's because D's are easier to say than M's! Talia looks so different now that her hair is coming in a little...she is so cute...keep working with her, she'll get to mama eventually because she knows from whence all good things come!!! Sally

Anonymous said...

You ladies just can't admit that Dad's rule. Then you are good at saying to the kids when they are bad "just wait until your father gets home". Not nice, not nice at all. Just ask my 3 who was/is the boss. Just don't ask when Sally is around!

Jocko T.

bat act said...

That is so funy, how do they know! She is a goof ball.