Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas 2007

Vinny showing his little sister how he's going to become the handy man in the house. (We know that his daddy isn't that handy)

This smile makes it all worth it!!!!!!

Laurienzo Family Christmas 2007

Vinny's favorite picture of his little meatball........

Next year, maybe teeth?

Vinny showing off his huge new fire truck that mommy and daddy got him. Talia looks on! HA

Our little girl!

Beam me up daddy!

Daddy's little girl.

Cousins Joe and Maria, future babysitters.

We call this one trouble, er, I mean the four Laurienzo's, Elle, Vinny, Alissa, and Talia.


Anonymous said...

Ahh....how cute is Talia in her Red Christmas dress and Vinnie all dressed up and looking so happy...Hope he doesn't destroy the house with that tool set...looks like everyone had a good time. They are growing up too fast..Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

What great pictures and what a nice tool set for Carolyn to use!

Joe and Diana look excited? You guys should have been at our house, nothing but fun, fun, fun and sick, sick, sick.

Already looking forward to Xmas next year.

Jocko T.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cute. Talia is so smiley now. And Vinny is a mini-mommy. Can't wait to squeeze them tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, was hoping we'd get to see some Christmas pics! Talia is growing so big and Vinny looks like he was having fun! Wasn't sure if the tools were his or daddy's!! Joe and Maria also look great...everyone is growing so fast.....STTTOOOOOOPPPPPPPPP!! Sally