Saturday, September 8, 2007

State Fair 2007- Good Times!

MOVE THAT BUS! Extreme Leinie Lodge Makeover!

While some family in Minnetonka was receiving their Extreme Home Makeover, Miller Brewing built us a new Leinie Lodge. It is still a temporary structure, it comes down every year after the fair, but it's a nice improvement.

Joseph and Maria accompany Vinny on the tame rides so he doesn't have to go all by himself.

Halfway through the fair, Mickey had a TIA (stroke) that scared all of us very much. The ambulance came to the house and took Mickey to St. Josephs hospital in St. Paul. Mickey missed the kids, so Vinny and Talia made a special visit to cheer up their Papa! We are happy to report that Mickey is home after three days of tests and is back to enjoying his retirement!

Vinny displays his "Viking" colored necklaces that he was given in the Midway.

Brian worked open to close every single day of the fair. Daddy was very excited to spend some time with his girl when she came to visit.

A day at the fair. One tired boy.

After spending several years at the State Fair, Joe and Maria McDonald have mastered the art of Midway Games. Here, Talia and Vinny surround themselves with a few of the prizes that were gifted to them on behalf of their cousins!
The 2007 Minnesota State Fair is officially in the books!

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