Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mickey Retires!

Congratulations on your retirement Mickey!

Mickey shares a moment at his party with his four grandchildren. From left to right, Elle, Alissa, Vinny, and Talia.

Check out the Tee-Shirt! "Jesus says Italians are the best". Ha.....

A Father and his sons.

Scott and Alissa share a dance!

Vinny and Ellie party like Rock Stars. This is very late into the night for them. This is around the 10pm time frame. At the end of each song, Ellie would say " one more time"!
Vinny's new best friend " Big Man". Everything was " hey, Big Man, what are you doing?"...his real name is Kyle. Vinny said " I love Kyle"......

Kyle sneaking a break from Vinny and holding Talia. Kyle is 16 and not that into babies, but he liked her.

Vinny in the process of shutting down. He danced until he couldn't dance anymore. We took him home when he fell asleep on the dance floor.


Anonymous said...

I thought Vinny just liked the girls. Now he is smoozing the boys too. I tell you, he better go into sales when he grows up because who can resist that cute face!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pictures. Congrats to Mickey on his retirement. Now everyday is a Saturday for Mick too.

Vinny is sure going to drive the ladies wild. You will have some fun times. Ha-ha.

Jocko T.